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The essays below are listed with the most current at the top and are listed sequentially from there. Most of these essays are simply responses to what I have read while on my journey. Several are responses to kaylee's essays. The links to her essays are listed in my responses. On a personal note, I wish to thank her for her insight and continually look forward to reading her thoughts.

Response to "Care of the Soul" Chapter 1 by Thomas Moore

Response to Womans Liberation and the Submissive Female by kaylee

Response to Safe, Sane and Consensual by kaylee

Response to Slave Girl of Gor, pg 173, by John Norman

Response to Peeling Back the Layers by kaylee

Response to Gorean male vs husband on Gorrarii board

Response to Strength in Slavery by kaylee

Response to Emotional Censorship by kaylee

Response to Moving Past Correction by kaylee

Response to What is Co-dependence

Response to Proactive vs Reactive Slavery by kaylee

Response to Reactance to Enslavement


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